March 31, 2023

Andrea Ceccherini (President, Osservatorio Giovani-Editori): "Why not consider the establishment of a European Eurobarometer to assess the skills and education level of the EU’s future citizens? And why not organize an annual European day on economic and financial literacy for young people to present the results of the Eurobarometer and discuss the most effective strategies to overcome this challenge and make the European Union stand out in this field?"

During her visit to Florence, Christine Lagarde was hosted by the Osservatorio Permanente Giovani-Editori, led by Andrea Ceccherini and took part in an event with 400 European students.

During the meeting, Andrea Ceccherini expressed concern about the need for better economic and financial education within the Eurozone and wondered why this is not yet a priority. He stated that a lack of such an education could mean that citizens may turn out to be subjects rather than becoming responsible and well-informed citizens.

Andrea Ceccherini suggested the idea of a Eurobarometer to assess the level of education among future citizens of the Union, as well as an annual European Day on Economic and Financial Literacy for young people.

Mme Lagarde fully supported this idea, saying it would be a great proposal to explore with central banks.

She stressed that Italy and France already have financial literacy programmes and the ECB is attentive to young people. Mme Lagarde encouraged students to persevere during difficult times and to never give up on their dreams.